2019 Vatan, Tinta de Toro, Spain

2019 Vatan, Tinta de Toro, Spain

2019 Vatan, Tinta de Toro, Spain

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The 2019 Vatan, Tinta de Toro, Spain was a Merchant's Pick

So Good, You May Never Drink Cabernet Again

April 04, 2023

Just southwest of Rioja is the lesser-known wine region, Toro, where Tempranillo grapes thrive.  

If Vatan were from the more recognized region of Rioja, it would be 3x the price.

Cabernet Sauvignon fans, you will be hard-pressed not to opt for Vatan over your Silver Oak and Jordan.

Perfect for burgers through the barbecue season, this tasty Tempranillo is destined to be one of your favorite Spanish reds.

Brilliant black currants, toasted spice, crushed violets, and herbal notes. Full-bodied with a hint of vanilla bean the Tempranillo elements envelop the palate.  Beautiful balanced, the wine has a rustic and wonderfully textured finish making it a perfect pairing for grilled cuisine.

Suggestion #1:  Serve it alongside your favorite burger recipe.

Suggestion #2:  Make a meal of it on its own with a wedge of Manchego.

Suggestion #3:  Even better- enjoy with a wedge of Manchego melted on top on top of your burger.

Fabulously balanced, this terrific Tempranillo is a great alternative to the never-ending price increases of Napa Valley California Cabernet.   



If From Rioja, Vatan Would Be 3x The Price

By David Gettenberg

Producer: Vatan

Country: Spain

Region: Toro

Subregion: Others

Varietal: Tempranillo

Vintage: 2019

Size: 750ml

Code: W7042-2019-750