Domaine Christian Moreau

Christian Moreau is the largest holder of Grand Cru Chablis vineyards in Burgundy. From their village Chablis to the their Grand Cru Les Clos, they are one of the finest Chablis producers.

Domaine Christian Moreau

Domaine Christian Moreau, nestled in the heart of Chablis, epitomizes the essence of Burgundian winemaking excellence. With a rich heritage spanning multiple generations, the estate is renowned for its commitment to crafting exceptional Chardonnay wines that express the unique terroir of the region.

From the iconic Chablis Grand Crus to the elegant Premier Crus and classic Chablis appellations, Domaine Christian Moreau offers a diverse portfolio of wines that captivate the palate of wine enthusiasts worldwide. Each bottle reflects the meticulous attention to detail and passion of the Moreau family, resulting in wines of unparalleled purity, finesse, and complexity.

With sustainable practices guiding their viticulture, Domaine Christian Moreau embodies a deep respect for the land, ensuring the preservation of Chablis' natural beauty and integrity for future generations. Whether enjoyed now or aged gracefully in the cellar, every sip of Domaine Christian Moreau wine is a journey through the soul of Chablis, a testament to centuries of winemaking tradition and mastery. Explore the timeless allure of Domaine Christian Moreau wines and elevate your wine experience to new heights.

Chablis, Burgundy

The source of the most racy, light and tactile, yet uniquely complex Chardonnay, Chablis, while considered part of Burgundy, actually reaches far past the most northern stretch of the Côte d’Or proper. Its vineyards cover hillsides surrounding the small village of Chablis about 100 miles north of Dijon, making it actually closer to Champagne than to Burgundy.

Champagne and Chablis have a unique soil type in common called Kimmeridgian, which isn’t found anywhere else in the world except southern England. A 180 million year-old geologic formation of decomposed clay and limestone, containing tiny fossilized oyster shells, spans from the Dorset village of Kimmeridge in southern England all the way down through Champagne, and to the soils of Chablis. This soil type produces wines full of structure, austerity, minerality, salinity and finesse.

Chablis Grands Crus vineyards are all located at ideal elevations and exposition on the acclaimed Kimmeridgian soil, an ancient clay-limestone soil that lends intensity and finesse to its wines. The vineyards outside of Grands Crus are Premiers Crus, and outlying from those is Petit Chablis. Chablis Grand Cru, as well as most Premier Cru Chablis, can age for many years.


Chardonnay, the noble white grape, finds its purest expression in the hallowed vineyards of Burgundy, France. Renowned for its versatility and ability to reflect terroir, Burgundian Chardonnay captivates with its elegance, complexity, and finesse.

In Burgundy, Chardonnay thrives in a mosaic of unique microclimates and soil compositions, yielding wines that exhibit remarkable diversity. From the mineral-driven purity of Chablis to the opulent richness of Meursault and the ethereal balance of Puligny-Montrachet, each subregion imparts distinct characteristics to its Chardonnay, shaped by factors such as altitude, exposure, and soil type.

Burgundy's winemakers employ traditional techniques such as barrel fermentation, lees stirring, and judicious oak aging to enhance the inherent qualities of Chardonnay while preserving its natural freshness and vitality. The result is a spectrum of Chardonnay wines that range from crisp and vibrant to creamy and textured, all united by a profound sense of place and a timeless commitment to quality.