2018 Donnhoff, "Dellchen" Riesling GG

2018 Donnhoff, "Dellchen" Riesling GG

2018 Donnhoff, "Dellchen" Riesling GG

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The 2018 Donnhoff, "Dellchen" Riesling GG was a Merchant's Pick

"Insane. Wow." • 99 pt Riesling • #12 Top 100  

November 06, 2019

Your impression of German Riesling is about to change forever!

There is a reason James Suckling used words like "insane" and "magic" to describe the #12 Wine Of 2019.

Perched high on a steep cliff, Donnhoff's Dellchen vineyard is a small Grand Cru parcel tucked in an enclave just above the Nahe River.

"GG" is a dry classification. This wine has crisp texture, minerality and ripe, mouthwatering fruit. It is not sweet; rather, it has restrained power and ethereal laciness.

Rare For A Reason

It is rare for a German producer to only make a GG from a Grand Cru vineyard.  It is more common for a winemaker to showcase all Riesling expressions such as Kabinett, Spatlese, and Austlese, with their respective ripeness and residual sugar levels.  

Why is this important? 

A German producer is only allowed to make one GG in a vineyard.  Here, Donnhoff has elected to make the entire vineyard production GG.  It shows you just how special these vines are and how he has elected to make only the highest classification from them.

Enjoy it now.  But, if you have the patience, time in the cellar will allow this wine to develop richness, texture and iconic petrol character of the grape.

Pair with stews, roasted meats, roasted pork, and of course, Thanksgiving!

Absolutely delicious!!!


#12 Top 100 Wine Of 2019 • The Best Of The Best!

By David Gettenberg

Producer: Donnhoff

Country: Germany

Region: Nahe

Subregion: Others

Varietal: Riesling

Vintage: 2018

Size: 750ml

Code: W7179