2022 Gaja, Rossj-Bass, Langhe Chardonnay

2022 Gaja, Rossj-Bass, Langhe Chardonnay

2022 Gaja, Rossj-Bass, Langhe Chardonnay

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The 2022 Gaja, Rossj-Bass, Langhe Chardonnay was a Merchant's Pick

Our #2 Wine Of The Year • Liquid Gold from Langhe!

January 06, 2024

Gaja reds are some of the most iconic and collectible wines of Italy and are often regarded as "the finest Italian wines ever made." Wine Spectator 

You have not lived until you have experienced Gaja's Rossj-Bass Langhe Bianco, which has Burgundian flair with Piedmont charm.  

The Chardonnay in this gorgeous wine is Montrachet-like!

If there were Grand Cru designations in Piedmont, Rossj-Bass would be right there with the finest white Burgundies.

Rossj-Bass is predominantly Chardonnay with a pinch of Sauvignon Blanc to enhance the minerality. Rossj Bass abounds with jasmine notes, followed by fresh green almonds, sage, thyme, and tea leaves. Delicate pear notes are followed by juniper berries, lemon sage, and cedar.  Gorgeous notes of forest and Mediterranean scrub provide an anchor to the fruit.  Well-balanced acidity effortlessly lingers on the palate. 

I first enjoyed Gaja's Rossj Bass Langhe sixteen years ago and look forward to every release. Elegant and vibrant with a Burgundian influence, Gaja's Rossj-Bass is distinctly Italian in its texture and finish. 

From oysters, lobsters, and fish to fowl, you can enjoy the 2022 Rossj-Bass now through 2035. 

Don't be afraid to serve this wine on the warmer side of cold as great whites can stand up to the slightly warmer temperatures. 


Simply Outstanding! 


Gaja's Montrachet-like Chardonnay Handily Takes The #2 Wine Of The Year!

By David Gettenberg

Producer: Gaja

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Subregion: Others

Varietal: Chardonnay

Vintage: 2022

Size: 750ml

Code: W00283-2022-750