2018 Le Merle Blanc de Chateau Clarke, Médoc

2018 Le Merle Blanc de Chateau Clarke, Médoc

2018 Le Merle Blanc de Chateau Clarke, Médoc

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The 2018 Le Merle Blanc de Chateau Clarke, Médoc was a Merchant's Pick

Bordeaux Blanc Bliss! • Chateau Lafite Family White!

April 20, 2022

Who is behind Le Merle Blanc de Chateau Clarke? The Rothschild Family of Chateau Lafite!

Le Merle Blanc has become an icon of the region and is home to some of the finest Sauvignon Blanc in the world.​​​​​​​  It is produced from 7 exclusive estate acres in the Medoc.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Last year, this offer sold out in three days!  

Le Merle Blanc is a gorgeous expression of Sauvignon Blanc!

Notes of white peach, lime-leaf, green apple, stone fruit, beeswax, lychee, and blanched almond ride the palate with outstanding acidity and a zesty structure that braces you for the next sip. The wine dances on the palate with a gorgeous, chalky texture on the backend that lasts for minutes. 

If you want to take your Sauvignon Blanc experience to a new level, add this wine to your white wine repertoire.  It is a classic white Bordeaux blend; mostly Sauvignon Blanc, it has a bit of Semillon and a dash of Muscat to add complexity and round out the hard citrus edges of the Sauvignon Blanc grape.

Enjoy this delicious white with seafood, white meat, and goat cheese.

A mere 50 cases were imported.

Make sure you are one of the lucky few enjoying this exceptional white wine released and allocated only once a year. 



Seasonal Sensation • A Pure, Sophisticated White Bordeaux Blanc

By David Gettenberg

Producer: Chateau Clarke

Country: France

Region: Bordeaux

Subregion: Médoc

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc Blend

Vintage: 2018

Size: 750ml

Code: W6927-2018-750-1