2015 Conte Vistarino, Pernice Pinot Nero

2015 Conte Vistarino, Pernice Pinot Nero

2015 Conte Vistarino, Pernice Pinot Nero

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The 2015 Conte Vistarino, Pernice Pinot Nero was a Merchant's Pick

Just when you thought you knew GOOD Pinot!

July 30, 2021

Do you love the dry terroir-driven flavors of Tuscan reds?  So do we!

Do you look forward to a succulent glass of red Burgundy?  So do we!

Say hello to your new favorite Pinot Noir, the 2015 Conte Vistarino Pernice Pinot Nero.

Tucked in the northern corner of Italy, just outside of Milan, is the town of Oltrepò Pavese.  There, the premier producer of Italian Pinot Noir (locally known as Pinot Nero) is Conte Vistarino.

This Pinot Noir will knock your socks off!

Think Burgundy with a bit of dried rose petals.  Think Oregon but not as fruity.  Get ready for complex notes of violet, fig, small red berries, dried twigs, roasted coffee, and cocoa. Tart cherries invites you on the back end.  Whole cluster notes offer ripe fruit, dried earth, truffle, and a bit of baking spice.  Wonderfully balanced, the finish ends with savory, dried basil, and tomato leaf accents.  Delicious!

The 2015 vintage throughout all of Europe is being hailed for producing classic reds.  Add Pernice to the list!

We love this wine for its gorgeous red Burgundy charm and hint of Tuscan flair. 

This stunning red will give your favorite Pinot producer a real run for its money!

Enjoy it now and save some for the cellar!


"Leading the charge in Pinot Noir is Conte Vistarino." Wine Spectator

By David Gettenberg

Producer: Conte Vistarino

Country: Italy

Subregion: Others

Varietal: Pinot Nero

Vintage: 2015

Size: 750ml

Code: W7621-2015-750