2019 Domaine Magdalena, Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Red Mountain

2019 Domaine Magdalena, Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Red Mountain

2019 Domaine Magdalena, Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Red Mountain

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The 2019 Domaine Magdalena, Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Red Mountain was a Merchant's Pick

Now that’s Cabernet Sauvignon!

March 20, 2024

We love this wine's “pre-Parker style” (an industry term used to describe producers' propensity to craft extracted, robust wines in the hopes of receiving huge press). 

I recently couldn't get enough of the 2018 Domaine Magdalena Estate Red, enjoyed over two days.  Each day revealed a new layer.  The wine seemed to glide across the palate with its Old World charm. It impressed us with nuance and not power. 

Silky.  Balanced.  Rustic.  Bordeaux-like charm.  It is a superstar!

Add a blockbuster 2018 vintage - one of the best in the Pacific Northwest - and this 4-acre estate is not going to remain much of a secret for very long. 

No new oak is used; rather, the purity of fruit and terroir drives the wine’s profile.  Aromas of dried herbs, tobacco leaf, cassis, and licorice waft from the glass. On the palate the wine is soft, yet supple, with hints of tart bramble fruits, plum, and black tea, framed by a bright acidity that brings freshness, all leading into a long, lingering, slightly herbaceous finish. Ideal to pair with beef, game, lamb, and pork on the bone, or even hearty poultry like squab. Extremely approachable now, Magdalena could easily cellar for 10 years, possibly longer.

If you’ve never heard of Domaine Magdalena you are not alone, as the production from this tiny estate, nestled on the slopes of Red Mountain, is counted in bottles, not cases.   Even New York City, the world’s largest wine market, gets barely enough to satisfy the demand of Sommelier’s “in the know.”   We managed to secure the lion’s share of the distributor’s allocation! 

An added bonus:  Magdalena is farmed organically and biodynamically and certified in both.  

Nature takes over for most of the year with the vineyard essentially running wild during the growing season.   Each bottle is individually numbered, a level of detail that also reveals itself in the bottle.

Over the past few years, Washington has become home to some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon being produced today.  Magdalena is Cabernet Sauvignon the way it should be - it is worth every penny.




Our Former #3 Top Five of 2022 Is Cabernet Sauvignon The Way It Should Be!

By David Gettenberg

Producer: Domaine Magdalena

Country: United States

Region: Washington

Subregion: Others

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2019

Size: 750ml

Code: W85244-2019-750