2022 Domaines Ott, "Chateau Romassan" Bandol Rosé

2022 Domaines Ott, "Chateau Romassan" Bandol Rosé

2022 Domaines Ott, "Chateau Romassan" Bandol Rosé

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The 2022 Domaines Ott, "Chateau Romassan" Bandol Rosé was a Merchant's Pick

Certain Sellout • Dom Ott's Bandol Rosé • Extremely Limited!

March 05, 2024

We've never seen Domaines Ott Rosé fly off the shelf as it did last March when we first featured their coveted Bandol cuvee, Chateau Romassan.

Shipping today, we are filling backorders for the 2022 release.

If you enjoy refreshing rosé that can stand on its own or be paired with a wide variety of summer cuisine, be sure to secure yours, as this wine is a certain sellout. 

Ott's Chateau Romassan reminds us that there are rosés, and then there are Bandol rosés.   

Intense citrus and pit fruit, red berry, succulent herb, and a never-ending mineral core. Fresh strawberry, pomegranate, white peach, and orange flavors work effortlessly together.  Wonderfully dry and refreshing, the stone and pit fruit notes echo throughout the entire experience.  This is another excellent vintage of Domaines Ott. 

What We Love About Ott's Chateau Romassan

We love this wine for its complex and vibrant berry notes, which are juxtaposed with the savory herbs and chalky, dry finish.  Made from mostly Mourvedre, the dry, austere soil at Chateau Romassan forces the vines to reach deep into the soil extracting exotic minerality.

The Mourvedre in this elegant rosé is smooth and creamy.   Replete with depth and nuance, the wine is surprisingly light on its feet.  Upon the first sip, you can tell that the wine draws its personality from the distinguished soil of chalk, sandstone, marl, and gravel.   

Add a sun-drenched microclimate, and you've got one heck of a rosé!

They don't make much, so stock up.

Enjoy over the next five years.


"A compelling value as world-class wines go." Vinous

By David Gettenberg


“Mouthwatering savor!”

Wine & Spirits • 95 / 100

"This is the first certified-organic vintage from the estate, and the health of the fruit is apparent in the elegance of the wine—lasting with mouthwatering savor, its acidity and tannins cleaning up after themselves like a neurotic houseguest. For me, elegance in rosé is defined by its ability to be simply delicious, but complex and rewarding under scrutiny—a test this wine passes with flying pink colors."

Producer: Domaines Ott

Country: France

Region: Provence

Subregion: Bandol

Varietal: Mourvedre Blend

Vintage: 2022

Size: 750ml

Code: W7044-2022-750-Roma