2018 Schramsberg, Brut Rosé North Coast

2018 Schramsberg, Brut Rosé North Coast

2018 Schramsberg, Brut Rosé North Coast

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The 2018 Schramsberg, Brut Rosé North Coast was a Merchant's Pick

Big-time Brut Rosé Bubbles! • 'That's A Good One'

May 16, 2022

With last holiday's Champagne shortage, we embarked on a tasting spree to find alternatives to Champagne and French sparkling wines.  We did!

The 2018 Schramsberg Brut Rosé offers readers everything you love about dry, sparkling rosés.

Schramsberg hails from the North Coast of California; mostly Pinot Noir (62%) and the balance Chardonnay (38%), it is made in a traditional Champagne style (methode traditionnelle) and is a dead-ringer for a gorgeous rosé Champagne.

This is a first-rate Rosé in every way starting with its wonderful fruity depth, but the creamy complexities borne of its skillful champenization provide it with a seriousness that elevates it well above simple fruitiness. It boasts a generous, very well-sustained and wonderfully foamy, mouth-filling mousse, and, although it has the slight vinous grip expected of a fine Rosé, it is, at every stop, as refined as it is insistently rich and, in sum, is a carefully crafted bubbly with the energy and the exemplary balance to age gracefully for a good many years to come." Connoisseur's'Guide

What We Love About This Sparlking Wine


Schramsberg's Brut Rosé is a delicious sparkler that you can enjoy with almost any cuisine: sushi, salmon, rock shrimp, roast chicken, burgers, BBQ ribs, and an array of cheeses, charcuterie, nuts and fresh fruit.  It has fruit (but not fruity), depth, and fizz that seems to dance on the palate for minutes.  Very refreshing, it's a great summer sipper or food pairing wine. 

Schramsberg's Brut sparkling rosé also passed my wife's intricate litmus test for fine wine:  "That's a good one!"





"A first-rate Rosé in every way." Connoisseur's Guide

By David Gettenberg

Producer: Schramsberg

Country: United States

Region: California

Subregion: Others

Varietal: Pinot Noir

Vintage: 2018

Size: 750ml

Code: W4024-2018-750